Welcome to the "zion-main-frame"

Interested in coming aboard Dr. {T} computer programer?
The "zion-main-fame" is a concept-virtual based computer.
It relies only on people, their brain-trust, & their hardware.
We are the (hub-of-the-network) or the servers. We exist
for that purpose & that purpose alone. z-manager, u-repair.

Since this system becomes (self-managing & self-fixing) our
first two-tasks -- are thus finished and no longer necessary.

Now we just have to maintain the system, control the traffic
and hold on to your seat, hat and keyboard. We have exited
from Kansas..welcome-back.now to the future of computing.



link: http://gravityworks2.blogspot.com
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{clock is 'setee - should not be adjusted - whatever time-is time}

{"zion-main-frame" - a concept/design - "free.research.project-2"
&-thus-all.rights.reserved (est.d 2004) independent of'} [Google].